Chris, Big Sur. Prints to benefit Land and Sea, Oakland, CA.

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  • Chris, Big Sur. Prints to benefit Land and Sea, Oakland, CA.

This write up is a little harder to write. Mostly because it's a photo of a great friend for that friend, a friend who I have shared so many experiences with I don't even know which 30 to write about. This is a photo of my good buddy Chris Duncan diving off a 50 foot cliff in Big Sur, CA that is easily one of our best know photographs. All of the money raised going directly to help his small publishing/record label/community art space he runs with his wife called Land and Sea,

We wanted to do what little we can as small independent business owners to help other local small independent business owners. We know how difficult it might be for someone to be thinking about buying art right now but know that ALL THE PROCEEDS from the sales of the prints will go directly to the local business owners. And you get something nice to hang up and remind you that you played a part in helping someone else make it through these trying times.

Multiple prints and sizes available below. Printed on 100% archival Hahnemühle FineArt paper and signed by us.

This photo is of our old pal Chris Duncan diving off a huge cliff into a cove filled with kelp in Big Sur, CA. I was almost too nervous to even shoot this photo but doing so changed the trajectory of our whole career. This photo really started everything for us in advertising photography, its the photo that showed up in a million advertising briefs. The photo that showed up in so many briefs that our pal Kevin Lyons told us clients started requesting agencies not to include it anymore because they've seen it in 100s of briefs already. That we should be proud that we made a photo so famous that people already know it so well that they request not to see it anymore! (Not really how we took it but thanks Kevin). The story of how this photo happened and the steps leading up to it are pretty amazing as well (things like him handing over his then 4 year old daughter Aya so he could make the jump, and needing to borrow sneakers to make the climb back up) but its way too long to tell here. We'll make sure to include a big write up with any prints sold.

All proceeds of this one will go to Land and Sea, Oakland (@landandseaoakland), a tiny small run book publisher, record label and community art space in Oakland, CA run by Chris and his wife Maria. I've know Chris since I was 16 and used to see him at local skate spots around where we both lived in Newark, DE. At first I thought he was pretty annoying always singing BDP and Public Enemy (those were my groups!) but when I bought two tickets to see All (Trailblazer tour?) at City Gardens with the plan on asking a girl I liked in High School and chickened out on asking her I asked him to come with me. We hung out or talked every single day for the next 5+ years after that drive from Newark, DE to Trenton, NJ. After moving to Lake Tahoe together for one winter he moved farther west to SF and I moved all the way back east but he has remained the person I know I will know forever. He was one of my best men and I was one of his when he married his incredible wife Maria Otero. Together they run Land and Sea and thats all I'm gonna write. For now.

Multiple prints available from 5x7" - 30x40" (Larger sizes are limited to 10). Printed on 100% archival Pearl paper. Signed and ready to be framed (hopefully locally). Prints can be mailed or picked up in Maplewood, NJ.

Thanks for reading and please share.

Love, Jeremy & Claire